Commission Work

Create Your Own Masterpiece

Have you ever wished to see your favourite scene or memory captured in the unique style of Joe Edoni? Our bespoke commission service allows you to do just that. Transform your personal visions into custom artwork that speaks directly to you.

How It Works

  1. Concept Discussion: Start with a one-on-one consultation with Joe to discuss your vision. Share your ideas, photos, or stories that you want brought to life through Joe's art.
  2. Artistic Interpretation: Joe will sketch preliminary designs, ensuring his creative vision aligns with your expectations. This collaborative phase is crucial to tailor a piece that truly reflects your personal narrative.
  3. Creation Process: Once the concept is approved, Joe begins the meticulous process of creating your original artwork. Using his signature fine-tip pen technique, he will craft a piece that captures the essence of your chosen subject.
  4. Final Touches and Delivery: After adding the final touches, the artwork is prepared for delivery. We ensure that your bespoke piece is beautifully framed and securely packaged, ready to be displayed in your space.

Why Commission Joe?

  • Unique Artistic Style: Joe’s fine-tip pen artistry brings a distinctive, detailed richness to every piece.
  • Personal Connection: Every commissioned work is a deeply personal creation, intended to resonate with you and your space.
  • Lifetime Value: A commissioned piece from Joe Edoni is not just decoration; it’s an investment in art that holds personal and aesthetic value.

Get Started

Ready to create something unique? Fill out our commission request form or contact us directly to begin your artistic journey with Joe Edoni. Let’s bring your vision to life, one stroke at a time.