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Edoni Works

Original Iconic Scotland Art

Original Iconic Scotland Art

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Joe Edoni: Capturing Scotland's Landmarks in Exquisite Detail

Embark on a captivating journey through Scotland's iconic landscapes with Joe Edoni's stunning fine-tip pen artwork.

Each piece is a meticulous portrayal, showcasing the unique character and intricate details of Scotland's most beloved landmarks. Joe Edoni's masterful use of light and shadow breathes life into his creations, inviting you to step into the scene and experience the grandeur of these timeless locations.

Explore the collection and discover:

    • Breath-taking depictions of Isle of Skye, St. Andrews golf course, Dumbarton Castle and more.
    • Exquisite penmanship that captures the finest details of each landmark.
    • Unique perspectives that offer a fresh look at familiar sights.
    • Artwork that is both a testament to artistic skill and a celebration of Scotland's rich heritage.

Owning a Joe Edoni piece is more than just acquiring art; it's bringing a piece of Scotland's magic into your home. Each artwork is an investment in exceptional craftsmanship and a conversation starter that will spark wonder and admiration.

Browse the collection today and find the perfect piece to cherish or gift.

 Each piece of art comes in a premium signed and mounted A3, A2 or A4 size modern  frame, size is stated in the title and is the frame size. Frames are sleek, wooden and complete with a glass front for A4 size and Perspex glass front for A3/A2. Ready to hang up in that special space in your home, making an amazing addition to any art collection...


If you would prefer an alternative frame, send a message or email to 


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