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Edoni Works

Original Glasgow Art

Original Glasgow Art

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The wait is over! A selection of Glasgow artist Joe Edoni’s Glasgow original art is available to purchase NOW!

A wide selection of original art from the amazing city of Glasgow for you to choose from and add to your ever expanding art collection! Each piece is completed using high quality fine tip pens onto A4 textured art paper, with the artist paying specific attention to every fine detail, all whilst applying his unique art flair!

Featuring some of Edoniworks most popular Glasgow pieces; Botanical Gardens, Beresford Building, Necropolis and more...

Each piece comes in a premium A3 size (16.5 by 11.5 inches) modern mounted frame, unless size is stated as A4 or A2. Frame is ready to wall hang as well as a choice of frames available. Each frame is modern, wooden and complete with a glass front and mount that truly shows of the beauty of each piece!

An exciting and unique piece to fill that space on your wall and remind you of those special times spent in this amazing vibrant city.

If you would prefer an alternative frame, send an email to and this can be arranged for you!


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