About Joe Edoni


Artist. Explorer. Storyteller.

Meet Joe Edoni, a visionary artist based in the vibrant Greater Glasgow area. With a passion ignited by his travels across the United Kingdom, Joe brings a fresh perspective to iconic British landscapes through his unique artistic lens.

The Journey Begins

Inspired by the rich history and stunning architecture encountered on his adventures, Joe embarked on the "UK in Art" series—a celebration of the nation’s beauty captured through the fine strokes of his pen. From the bustling streets of London to the striking Scottish Highlands, Joe's travels have not only fuelled his artistic passion but also kindled a deep-seated love for on-the-go pen sketching.

Artistic Philosophy

Joe's work is more than just art; it's a portal to the past, a bridge to cherished memories. Each piece in his growing collection is crafted with a stylised pen form, transforming famous landmarks and the quirky nuances of British architecture into vibrant, homely scenes. Joe’s mission is simple yet profound: to offer artworks that allow you to rediscover your love for the places you've visited or lived, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth with every view.

Connecting Through Creativity

In recent years, Joe's artistic reach has expanded, capturing numerous new locations across the UK and touching the hearts of those who find a piece of their own stories within his art. His works resonate with a growing audience, drawing more and more people to revisit those special places that his art so vividly reminds them of.

Joe Edoni's creations are an invitation to explore, remember, and cherish the familiar yet extraordinary landscapes of the UK, each sketch a testament to his talent and his passion for travel and storytelling.

Join the Journey

Explore Joe's collections and see how ordinary places are transformed into extraordinary art. With every line and colour, rediscover your connection to the UK’s most beloved sights, through the eyes of an artist who sees not just buildings, but stories waiting to be told.