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Edoni Art

Barrowlands Ballroom Art Print

Barrowlands Ballroom Art Print

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Capture the vibrant spirit of Glasgow with the Barrowlands art print by celebrated local artist Joe Edoni. This stunning piece showcases the iconic Barrowlands Ballroom, a beloved cultural landmark known for its rich musical heritage and striking neon signage.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Landmark: Featuring the historic Barrowlands Ballroom, this print celebrates one of Glasgow's most famous music venues, renowned for its electric atmosphere and legendary concerts.
  • Premium Quality Print: Produced on high-quality archival paper, ensuring brilliant colors and exceptional durability.
  • Rich Detail: Joe Edoni's intricate artwork brings out the architectural beauty and nostalgic charm of the Barrowlands, making it a standout piece in any collection.
  • Versatile Decor: Perfect for music lovers, Glasgow enthusiasts, or anyone looking to add a touch of cultural history to their space.


  • Exclusive Artwork: Own a piece of Glasgow’s musical heritage with this unique print by Joe Edoni, capturing the essence of the Barrowlands.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: Infuse your home or office with the lively energy of the Barrowlands, adding character and warmth to any room.
  • Perfect Gift: An ideal gift for music aficionados, Glasgow natives, or anyone with a passion for the city’s vibrant culture.
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